Varicose Vein Treatment Case 3

Case ID: 1014

Front: large varicose veins upper and lower right leg before and after treatment

Close-up: of varicose veins in the thigh


This 56 year old female has not worn shorts in greater than 10 years due to the appearance of the large varicose veins of her right leg. When she developed pain and swelling she decided to seek medical attention. She was found on ultrasound to have reflux and pressure in the right anterior accessory great saphenous vein giving rise to the varicose veins of the thigh and calf. She had endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) of the diseased refluxing vein and microphlebectomy for the large bulging veins. Her pre- and post-treatment photos are on this slide and the following slide. The time from her initial visit to the post-treatment photos is 6 months.