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In 2005 Dr. Reeder left his practice in general and peripheral vascular surgery to open a clinic dedicated to vein disease. He became one of the first group of physicians to specialize in the evolving field of vein and lymphatic disease. The need for such a specialized vein clinic came as a result of radical changes in the treatment of vein disease. Novel new minimally invasive techniques, coupled with the incorporation of high definition ultrasound into the diagnosis and treatment of vein disorders has revolutionized vein treatment.  Dr. Darnell joined Dr. Reeder in 2014, and took over Reeder Vein Institute when Dr. Reeder retired. Dr. Darnell continues the tradition of excellent care and value in the   complete and comprehensive treatment of all aspects of vein disease with the latest proven technologies. Now, almost all vein disorders can be treated very successfully in the office and patients can safely return to work the next day. We invite you to explore our website and see how we can help you.

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