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compression vein therapy in dallas, houston, and fort worth texasElastic compression stockings have long been the mainstay of treatment for mild to moderately severe chronic vein disease. Compression stockings and other compression devices provide a range of pressures to treat skin and soft tissue suffering from advanced vein disease. The less elastic the materials used for compression, the greater the compression provided by the stockings or wraps. Compression garments are also graduated in that the pressure is greatest at the ankle and decreases toward the knee or lower thigh, reducing the risk of swelling in the tissue above the stocking.

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Benefits of Compression Therapy

The beneficial effects of compression garments on the lower leg are multiple. By increasing the pressure applied to the skin and soft tissue, the blood volume on the venous side of the circulation is reduced, as is the venous pressure. Wearing compression stockings during walking helps the calf muscle to propel blood more efficiently into the central circulation and toward the heart. In addition, the reduced venous pressure and increased tissue pressure reduces the accumulation of fluid (edema) in the tissue of the lower leg. The overall effect is to improve the circulation and make the skin and soft tissue healthier.

Compression therapy is especially important as the initial treatment of advanced vein disease when edema is associated with chronic inflammation and venous ulceration. In fact, the more severe the venous insufficiency, the higher the compression needed to treat the leg containing the diseased veins. A specialized compression dressing known as an Unna boot is often used as the first line of treatment when severe swelling, chronic inflammation, or skin ulceration is present.  CircAid is another compression device often used when patients have advanced vein disease, and the CircAid device can serve as a bridge between a high compression Unna boot, and the lesser compression provided by stockings.

The definitive treatment of advanced vein disease also requires treatment of the source of the problem, the diseased veins. Abnormal veins with high pressure are often the cause of the chronic inflammation, swelling, and skin ulcers seen with advanced vein disease. An ultrasound examination will diagnose the location of the vein problems and provide the information needed for a treatment plan. Most of the time, the disease can be treated with relatively simple procedures done in the office with minimal down time and a successful return to healthy venous circulation.

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