What to Expect from Endovenous Laser Treatments

By Reeder Vein Institute
December 15, 2018

IVein Treatments Dallas, TXf you suffer from varicose veins or other vein diseases, you are one of the eighty million people in the United States who do. But just because there are so many sufferers, it doesn’t mean that you’re destined to suffer in a group. Vein disease can be serious, and may also indicate other medical issues or lead to health issues down the road.

In fact, varicose veins can lead to burning, swelling, itching, pain and fatigue. You may even feel restless, or that you need to move your legs constantly.

Endovenous Laser, or EVLT, is a minimally invasive procedure that treats venous reflux, which causes varicose veins, swelling, and inflammation in the legs. EVLT doesn’t require the lengthy hospital stay and downtime that was previously required for vein treatment. We perform EVLT in our Texas offices in under an hour, and patients often drive themselves home the same day. EVLT is safe and very effective.

The Process

The endovenous laser treatment procedure begins with an assessment of the vein in question under ultrasound guidance. A laser fiber is then inserted into the vein and positioned with real time ultrasound imaging. We then place a local anesthetic solution around the vein. The laser fiber produces heat which treats the abnormal vein, eliminating the vein safely and effectively. Blood instantly begins to move through other, healthy veins. After your treatment, you will need to wear a compression wrap for a few days.


After you’ve had your treatment and gone home, you may experience tightness or mild bruising, which is completely normal. Both usually go away after a few days. While you can resume work, you should avoid exercise and heavy lifting for about a week after your treatment. Wearing a compression stocking will also be necessary. Keep in mind that EVLT may not be the only treatment you require. If you have a serious vein issue, you may have other procedures in order to fully have your vein issues treated.

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