What Compression Stockings Can Do for You

By Reeder Vein Institute
November 15, 2017

Edit Post ‹ Reeder Vein Institute — WordPressCompression stockings are a valuable treatment method to ease the symptoms of varicose veins. Even if you have varicose veins, your symptoms may not be severe enough to require the help of compression stockings. Compression stockings work to improve circulation in the leg. They are tight at the foot then loosen as they fit higher on the leg.

Types of compression stockings

Doctors commonly recommend wearing compression stockings to provide relief from the pain caused by varicose veins. For those with mild symptoms, knee-highs, panty hose, or knee socks may be enough to ease the pain. They will also aid in reducing aching and swelling. These types of socks are widely available at department stores or online. This method is less expensive than buying special compression socks that are specifically made for varicose veins.

If you have more serious symptoms, your best option would be to purchase compression stockings from a medical supply store. In this case, you would need a doctor’s prescription so you can be fitted for the right size.

What to expect from compression stockings

Compression stockings can be expensive and difficult to put on. It may take some time for you to familiarize yourself with wearing them for the entire day. They should feel snug but comfortable. If you are having issues with your compression stockings, size, or fit, don’t hesitate to speak with your doctor.

It is important to remember the benefits of wearing compression stockings, although they may feel uncomfortable at first. They can stop varicose veins from getting worse and can ultimately help you avoid surgery. Make sure you do not use elastic bandages for varicose veins unless your doctor directly suggests using them. These can limit the blood flow to your leg and make your varicose vein symptoms much worse. If your doctor does recommend elastic bandages, make sure you have him show and explain how to wrap it.

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