Betsy E.

Varicose veins run in my family and I developed them in my twenties; they even got worse after my first pregnancy. I quit wearing shorts and began a 9 year journey of hiding my legs. This past year, I was having so much pain and swelling in my legs that I knew I had to do something. Online I saw Dr. Reeder’s website- it was awesome. Dr. Reeder is Board Certified and his entire practice is solely devoted to veins, both of which are very rare in this field. Everyone in the office is helpful, compassionate, caring, professional and very skilled at what they do. Dr. Reeder takes time to listen and makes it clear that he cares; he is obviously an expert in his field. After meeting Dr. Reeder and his assistant Kevin, I knew I was in good hands and felt comfortable to have my veins treated. I am thrilled with the outcome! My legs are no longer swollen, and the blue, bulging veins are completely gone! I look forward to wearing shorts again! Thanks for everything!