By Reeder Vein Institute
October 15, 2018

Spider Veins Fort Worth TXFacial vascular lesions are inconvenient and may affect our self-esteem. They often appear in prominent places, such as our lips, noses, fingers, or by our eyes. In the past, you would simply have to accept their appearance, and try to hide them with makeup. Thankfully, we have options now to help! Keep reading to learn more about Telangiectasia, those pesky little marks that keep us second-guessing ourselves.

What are they?

Technically, Telangiectasia are blood vessels that are red, purple, or blue and appear on the surface of the skin of the face, upper chest, and neck. They resemble spider veins, which appear on the legs. These veins are not important to bodily function, so removal of them may provide a better sense of self-esteem.

Where do they come from?

Telangiectasia may come from various sources. Genetics may reveal a predisposition toward Telangiectasia, and pregnancy may also encourage their growth (since your body is changing and stress is put on the veins as it does so).

External factors may also contribute to Telangiectasia, such as exposure to sun and wind, trauma to the skin, use of medications that widen blood vessels, surgical incisions, or even excessive alcohol use.

How do I treat them?

Unfortunately, because Telangiectasia are veins, there are not many treatment options. Especially if you are looking to treat yourself at home, you will not be too lucky.

Treatment options

There is one main option that we recommend for Telangiectasia. Laser treatments can be used to target the widened vessels in question, sealing and effectively removing it. This is a great option because it involves little pain and the recovery process is a lot quicker than more invasive methods of removal.

You may be bothered by a larger vein, or a small vein that mars your appearance slightly. Regardless of size, we can help you treat your Telangiectasia and restore your feelings of confidence. Don’t let that mark steal the attention away from you and your personality this holiday season.

If you’re ready to lose the marks and let your beautiful face show, give us a call today at 682-499-5672 to schedule a consultation.

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