Spring Has Sprung, and Summer is Not Far Behind

By Reeder Vein Institute
April 16, 2018

Warm weather, sunshine, shorts, and flip-flops. We all have a love hate relationship with summer in Texas, but ready or not, here it comes. Sadly, for many people, summer brings the added stress of wearing uncomfortable long pants through the hot summer months because they are embarrassed to show their legs. At Reeder Vein we have met many patients who tell us they have not worn shorts for years!

In 2023 no one should live with unsightly varicose veins. Most of our patients who come to see us for the first time are unaware that varicose veins are now treated in the office with very little downtime, and truly life changing results. The before and after pictures in our gallery speak for themselves.

Many people with varicose veins are familiar with the outdated vein stripping procedures of the past. These were major operations with a great deal of pain and a prolonged recovery. Now varicose veins can be treated in the office with minimally invasive procedures and rapid recovery. Through advances in technology, the treatment allows you to be on your feet immediately, and most patients can have the procedures on Friday, and return to work Monday. If you are active and addicted to your workouts, you can resume jogging or almost any form of exercise five days after treatment.

If you would like to know more about these treatments, schedule a consultation and we will identify the source of your varicose veins and tell you how easy it is to part with them. We can still have you in shorts this summer!

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