About Dr. Reeder

As a surgeon, my professional life has been devoted to helping people and at the same time developing my skills and keeping up with the explosion of new information. Early in my career, the AMA sponsored me to run the surgery residency program at the University of Saigon Medical School where I trained 12 surgeons at the public hospital. Upon my return, I joined the faculty at the University of Washington Medical School. My desire and thirst for cutting edge technology had always driven me to search for new answers and soon led me to Gothenburg, Sweden, to learn a highly specialized surgical procedure that no one was doing in the United States at that time.
Today at the Reeder Vein Institute, I am applying all my experience and knowledge as a general and vascular surgeon to the treatment of varicose veins and other vein disorders. For years now, I have had a special interest in vein disease, and have solely focused on its treatment.
The new minimally invasive technologies we're using make treatment for most vein problems remarkably quick and comfortable. People are often pleasantly surprised when I explain that their varicose veins can be taken care of in the comfort of our office and under a local anesthetic. Patients are delighted when they learn that they will likely have a fast and easy recovery.
Providing outpatient vein care allows me to continue with the meaningful aspects of being a doctor – personally caring for patients and improving their lives in important ways. Whether I’m resolving your varicose veins or managing a more complex venous health problem, I know I’m helping you live a healthier, more active life. Treating you with compassion and kindness in the process is, for me, what being a good surgeon is all about. It has been an honor to be involved in the lives of so many people and to be able to help them with their medical problems.