Lip Hemangioma: What is it?

By Reeder Vein Institute
July 15, 2018

Vein Treatment Dallas, TXWith Photoshop being so popular these days, it’s easy to imagine that everyone else has beautiful, pristine, mark-free skin. Fortunately, that’s not the case. We all have scars, imperfections, and birthmarks to set us apart. Granted, some issues are easier to deal with than others. Birthmarks like lip hemangioma can be troublesome, and people may elect to get them removed. Keep reading to learn more about lip hemangioma and venous lakes.

Is it Dangerous?

A hemangioma is a type of vascular tumor that often occurs early in life and resembles a birthmark. Don’t let the word “tumor” scare you. These are benign tumors and are called as such because “tumor” simply means an irregular mass of tissue. A hemangioma is an abnormally dense group of blood vessels and sometimes will even resolve itself after a few years, especially when it occurs in babies.

Vascular birthmarks are commonly found in newborn babies, and can be pink, purple, or red. They are different from pigmented birthmarks, which can be black, brown, or blue.

When Do I Need To Treat A Hemangioma?

We recommend looking for treatment if the condition interferes with your child's important functions, like breathing, seeing, hearing, or elimination. Sometimes, a lip hemangioma is frustrating for an adult patient, who will elect to have the mark removed. This can be done in a fairly short appointment, often with a laser treatment.

Venous Lakes

These are slightly different from lip hemangiomas, in that they are made of one dilated blood vessel, while a lip hemangioma is a cluster of blood vessels. They are generally blue (hence the name), and consist of deoxygenated blood. Venous lakes can come from prolonged sun exposure, trauma, or from nothing specific at all. Unfortunately, venous lakes rarely resolve on their own, so treatment may be required to remove the lesion if it’s bothering you.

Lips are important for talking, eating, and communicating. If your lip hemangioma affects your ability to live life how you want to, it might be worth considering treatment. If you’ve been bothered by a lip hemangioma or a venous lake, call us today at 682-499-5672 to schedule a consultation.

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