Varicose Vein Treatment Case 1

Case ID: 1018

Oblique: varicose veins right thigh and left lower leg before and after treatment


This patient is a 42 year old female with longstanding vein problems. At her initial visit she reported symptoms of aching pain of the right thigh and left calf with prolonged standing. Ultrasound demonstrated a large refluxing tributary vein originating from a perforator (connection between the deep and superficial vein system) in the thigh with extension to the calf producing the visible varicose veins of the left calf. In addition, she had a large refluxing pelvic vein giving rise to the varicose veins of the right thigh. She was treated with microphlebectomy on each leg, and ultrasound guided injection of the responsible refluxing vein in each leg. The photo on the right is taken three months after treatment.