Free Vein Disease Screening!

Symptoms of vein disease include visible enlarged bulging veins, aching, swelling, and heaviness, usually in the lower legs. Reeder Vein is now offering free screening exams to help you determine if you have significant vein disease. These exams will be conducted by an experienced technician able to determine by exam and ultrasound if you have vein disease. Based on this determination you may need to return for a more complete in-depth ultrasound examination, as this information is needed to determine the best treatment for your disease. The complete ultrasound results are also submitted to your insurance company in order to obtain permission to treat your vein disease.

Upload: April 20, 2016

If you are found to have significant vein disease on the screening exam, please understand we will not be able to discuss a detailed treatment plan with you at the time of the screening exam, as we will not have all of the information we need to do so. However, we will make arrangements for a complete ultrasound in a timely fashion, and a physician will discuss the results of the complete ultrasound exam, and provide you with a detailed treatment plan at the time of your return appointment.

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