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vein treatment in Dallas and Fort Worth TexasEndovenous Laser, or EVLT, is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat venous reflux, the underlying problem which leads to varicose veins, swelling, and inflammation in the legs.  EVLT has eliminated the need for vein stripping, a procedure done many years ago to treat venous disease.  As an alternative to vein stripping, EVLT eliminates the lengthy hospital stay and recovery previously required for vein treatment. EVLT is preformed in our Texas offices in less than an hour, and patients are able to drive themselves home the same day.  EVLT is safe, very effective, and produces very little discomfort.  Patients may return to work and their usual activities quickly, often the day after the procedure. At Reeder Vein Institute we use the 1470 nm wavelength laser, the newest and most gentle of the existing lasers for EVLT.

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The endovenous laser treatment procedure is almost identical to the radiofrequency procedure, the only difference being the use of a laser fiber instead of the radiofrequency catheter. For this reason, you may wish to view the radiofrequency procedure video.  Briefly, the diseased vein is accessed under ultrasound guidance using a local anesthetic (numb the tissue with an injection) and a small puncture wound. A laser fiber is inserted into the vein and positioned with real time ultrasound imaging.  A local anesthetic solution is placed around the vein to be treated using ultrasound guidance. Heat produced by the laser fiber treats the abnormal vein, effectively ablating, or eliminating the vein in a minimally invasive fashion. The venous blood flow is immediately diverted through healthy veins.  Following the procedure, a compression dressing is applied for about 36 hours.

Recovery and Results

After the EVLT procedure, most patients experience mild bruising and tightness in the legs, although these side effects usually subside within a few days. Patients can return home immediately following the procedure, and many are able to resume work and other normal activities by the very next day. Exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for about seven days, and a compression stocking worn during waking hours for a week.  EVLT or radiofrequency ablation is often the initial treatment for patients with significant vein disease, although not everyone requires these procedures. Reeder Vein Institute's doctors will discuss the procedure further if you are a candidate for EVLT. Click here to see real Reeder Vein Institute patients results.

Risks and Side Effects

Although EVLT is very safe, there are a few risks associated with the procedure.  Fortunately the risks are not serious and the occurrence of a problem is very rare. The common side effects of EVLT include minor bruising, mild discomfort, and occasional temporary numbness in the inner thigh.  The occurrence of blood clots in the deep veins of the leg has been reported with EVLT, but this is very rare.  At the Reeder Vein Institute we have not seen this complication in more than 3000 vein ablation procedures.  Your doctor will discuss any concerns or questions you may have before performing this procedure, or others recommended for your treatment.

*The information about Endovenous Laser Treatment was reviewed by Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Michael Darnell. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form.

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