FAQs about Deep Vein Thrombosis

By Reeder Vein Institute
April 15, 2017

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a term that refers to a blood clot that develops inside your vein, typically deep within the leg although they can also form in your thigh, pelvis or arm. If part of the blood clot breaks off, it travels through your bloodstream where it can get stuck in your lungs ... read more

Thrombophlebitis: Are You at Risk?

By Reeder Vein Institute
March 15, 2016

Phlebitis (or inflammation of the vein) can occur either on the surface or in deep veins.  In superficial veins, the condition is generally not serious and can get better quickly with the right care. For deeper veins, the larger blood vessels deep in the legs are affected. This is called thrombophlebitis, a serious condition in ... read more